red-shirt-bioAs a health care practitioner, I meet patients where they are and engage in a healing journey together.

As a teacher and educator, I lecture on the subject of wellness and seasonal health care. I provide vision, strategy and leadership in wellness to corporations, hospitals and their employees on a contract basis. I believe that self-care and development, awareness, evolution and love are the principle techniques that promote health and healing.

As an activist, I advocate for legislative changes to existing state laws that do not recognize Licensed Acupuncturists or limit their capacity to practice this amazing medicine. This journey has led me to create and run the the non- profit organization, Advancement of Oriental Medicine in Alabama. Furthermore, I am involved in the movement to modify the restrictions on our profession in Mississippi led by Mississippi Oriental Medicine Association. I am fortunate to work at Choctaw Health Center in the Pearl River Community providing integrative health care in the Indian tribal hospital system.

As an earth steward, I am developing and tending an urban food forest that is the site of my primary practice and wellness resource to our Tuscaloosa community. I continue to study Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in apprentice and discipleship settings with the foremost teachers in the field while working to promote healthcare integration in the South. The teachings, poetry, words and thoughts of masters, mystics, prophets, saviors, saints along with the people, animals, plants and planet I know and continue to learn about have a deep impact on my life.



I never let my education interfere with my learning. -Albert Einstein